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    A healthy head of hair actually depends on great scalp health. So how can you achieve a healthy scalp for full, soft hair? Healthy scalp treatment involves more than just cleansing. Many common hair care products are harsh on the scalp, using many cleansing chemicals that dry out your scalp and leave it thirsty for nutrients and hydration while distorting its natural pH-levels. Harklinikken's top priority is scalp health, and we know each vital component that goes into keeping your scalp in the best conditions for optimal hair growth.

    We design our shampoos as a treatment based on plant-based constituents to create the optimal environment on the scalp for hair growth. We have more than 27 years of experience researching and developing our products with ingredients for healthy scalp treatment. Our focus has been on scalp health since the beginning. We formulate each product to manage oil production, pH balance, and hydration while cleansing your hair and highlighting its natural shine.

    We’re happy to walk you through a list of our hydration-boosting ingredients, the scalp health goals behind each of our products, and the long-term objectives for our clients. With this information, you’ll be ready to select the perfect product for your needs to help restore scalp health.

    Only the best ingredients

    We use a combination of the finest, naturally-derived ingredients and clean chemistry solutions developed with problem-free ingredients. Many hair products and cleansers contain parabens, silicones, and other harsh chemicals. We believe more naturally derived ingredients can replace these elements to boost your hair and scalp health. Our approach to healthy scalp treatment involves using botanically based ingredients and constituents things like oats, quinoa, aloe vera, and avocado oils, and our home-grown burdock root to soothe the scalp and help restore hydration.

    We always recommend you follow our carefully designed system, beginning with our balancing shampoo which prepares the hair to soak up all of the nutrients of our Fortifying Shampoo. Our fortifying shampoo uses organic aloe vera, flax seeds, and hydrolyzed quinoa to hydrate, balance the scalp’s pH, and repair the hair. Even our Styling Wax, containing salvia and rosemary, is gentle on the scalp, should it ever come in contact, as is our styling paste; always gentle and nurturing, never causing any damage. They both use naturally derived ingredients to hold the hair in place while promoting optimal health. Our ingredients not only focus on your hair but help restore health from scalp to ends.

    Specific scalp health goals

    Our products go the extra mile to promote scalp health because we design them with specific goals in mind. We know healthy scalp treatment involves more than just removing scalp build up. We also design each product to manage oil production, since irregular sebum production can lead to hair thinning and other scalp issues. Our products help restore pH balance and boost hydration, all while cleansing your hair and leaving it naturally radiant.

    No quick fixes here

    Many hair products on the market today are quick fixes. They are designed using chemicals that give the illusion of health by coating your hair strands, making your hair appear shinier and fuller. The problem is, these ingredients make their way to the scalp and into hair follicles, causing long-term damage and scalp build-up. These solutions do not contribute to scalp and hair health in the long-term. This is why our approach to healthy hair and scalp therapy incorporates your scalp, hair, and overall health. Our goal is always to create products that leave your hair looking great while improving your scalp’s health with each use. We go past the surface level to create a long-term solution, meeting the needs of your hair and scalp and keeping them healthy for years to come.

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