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    If you’re looking to gain thicker, more lustrous locks, chances are you’ve already learned the importance of removing scalp build-up for maintaining hair health. Proper scalp care could be the crucial factor separating you from the healthy, beautiful hair you desire. However, mixed information out there may leave you unsure how to proceed on your hair journey.

    Some say you should detox your scalp, while others recommend swearing off shampoo altogether. It’s essential to be careful with your scalp, so you'll want to have a clear understanding of concepts like scalp detoxing before diving in.

    What is scalp detoxing?

    Many so-called detox products contain ingredients like abrasive scrubs or harsh chemicals that claim to be a magical scalp solution. However, these products can cause breakage near the root. By compromising the hair at the earliest stage of growth, you end up impacting its look and feel as it grows longer and the delicate environment of the scalp itself. What your scalp craves is simple. It needs a gentle, daily approach that removes scalp build-up and encourages the follicles to take deeper roots. If you maintain a nourishing routine at home, there is typically no need to detox. Let’s take a look at some ways to build scalp love into your daily hair regimen.

    Do you need to detox your scalp?

    At Harklinikken, we see the scalp as a precious ecosystem, and viewing it this way may help clarify the best approach for improving scalp health. If you’ve been using harsh products and want to undo the damage, adding another harsh product into the mix is not the answer. However, neither is quitting shampoo products altogether. While rough ingredients can irritate and distort your scalp’s environment while causing an imbalance to its natural pH-levels, avoiding the shampoo bottle will cause the excess scalp to build up from products and sebum. This blocks hair follicles and creates a new barrier to scalp health and thereby inhibit your hair growth.

    The solution? Establish a gentle approach to help your scalp ecosystem achieve its greatest potential.

    Start with a clean slate

    The key to beautiful shiny strands starts at the root. The best way to remove scalp build-up, sebum and toxins is to introduce healthy cleansing habits. By washing daily, or every other day, with the right products, you’ll establish a healthy environment for your hair to flourish.

    At Harklinikken, we design holistic haircare journeys to help you achieve optimal scalp conditions. We combine problem-free, naturally-derived ingredients with clean chemistry. By clearing toxins, sebum, and debris, our products enable follicles to breathe and take deeper root. For example, our Balancing Shampoo includes mustard seeds and organic oats to soothe your scalp and help restore a toxin-free environment while balancing the pH-levels on your scalp for optimal scalp health.

    A scalp-first approach to beautiful hair

    At Harklinikken we know that beautiful hair starts with a happy scalp. We’ve refined our product recipes to apply loving care directly to the skin on your head and achieve amazing results. Our Stabilizing Shampoo offers a refreshing, deep cleanse that removes scalp build-up and reduces excess sebum with ingredients like home-grown burdock root and marigold. These products offer the self-love regimen your scalp needs to maximize health and set the foundation for thick, lustrous strands to take root.

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