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    The bob, the Rachel, the pixie, the fringe, the beehive, the perm, the crop, the Marilyn – iconic hairstyles create fashion trends and bring back great memories. Hair is often what makes a person recognizable; it becomes part of their style and who they are. It can bring back memories of the prom, senior year, your wedding day, or even the birth of your first child.

    Work with what you’ve got right now

    It’s important to know your hair: how thick it is, if it’s curly, how healthy it is, or if it is fine and thin. If your hair is really thick picking a style that isn’t prone to frizz is smart. Layers, for example, can help long hair be more manageable. People with curly hair have to pay attention to the way their hair is styled due to frizz or knotting. Thin or fine hair needs a short to medium cut; when hair gets long it weighs itself down, which is what creates a stringy look. Choosing a style that doesn’t have a defined part is also beneficial for thin hair. A part tends to expose the scalp and this is even more likely to happen with thin hair. Knowing what type of hair you have and its texture can make it much easier to pick a hairstyle. Before booking your next appointment with your hairdresser, consider whether your hair is curly, dry, coarse, fine, thick, wavy, straight, or oily. If you know all this and still can’t decide, go with something in the shoulder-length range – these styles are generally more flattering on everyone.

    A haircut can also have a lot to do with the shape of your face. Someone with a more round face may look completely different in a hairstyle than someone with a more square face. Determining what shape your face is can help you figure out the best styles and lengths for your hair. Knowing face shape can help beyond the cut of your hair, it can also tell you what is most flattering on you in terms of styling. Parting your hair differently, pulling it back differently, or even what type of bangs suit you best can all be established based on your face shape.

    Make yourself a priority

    Can you commit to daily upkeep? Spending the time and money to get back the hair you remember is something to consider. Even though those famous hairstyles are inspiring, they shouldn’t determine how we wear our own hair. Instead they should be inspiring us to find our own iconic look.

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