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    Great hair starts with the scalp. The skinification of hair means treating your head with the same care and ingredients you put on your face in a regime targeted to your specific hair type or problem area.

    You need to put some work into keeping hair looking good. Hair care isn’t as simple as shampoo and conditioner: good, healthy hair is a lifelong commitment and a multi-step regime. Discover the skinification steps that transform your haircare routines – and the health of your hair.


    Just like face masks, hair masks target specific issues to nourish your scalp and hair. From removing product build up to adding moisture or reducing frizz, start with a conditioning Hair Mask or Hair Hydrating Leave-In treatment cream to tackle problems.


    You wouldn’t put any old cleanser on your face. The same should apply to your hair. Determine your hair type and then cleanse with a targeted shampoo with super-charged, scalp-friendly actives that work to balance the scalp microbiome and set the tone for healthy hair.


    Hair needs hydration. Our Daily Conditioner is key to smooth, silky strands and protecting the hair against breakage, condition from the ears to the ends to lock in moisture and leave hair shiny.


    Patchy, thinning hair? Dry, irritated, flaky scalp? Extract is a multitasking topical liquid custom blended by hand to target specific problems. It fortifies both scalp and hair, paving the way for regrowth and stronger, more and healthier hair.


    Not all styling products are made equal. Harklinikken’s styling products are filled with natural and active ingredients that work to better your scalp and hair while delivering hold, shine or texture.

    Book a consultation with one of our Hair Specialists to find out how you can achieve your best hair yet.

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