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    Back of a female's head with long straight blonde hair with hair half tied up in clip

    It is important to understand how to correctly use hot styling tools to protect your hair strands...

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    How To: Hot Styling Tools

    Picture of the inside of an Aloe Vera Plant dripping Aloe Vera Juice

    Aloe Vera leaf extract can, when combined in with specific ingredients, provide numerous benefits...

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    The Benefits of Aloe Vera Leaf Extract For Hair and Scalp

    Bottle of Harklinikken Extract in sea water amongst rock pool

    There are two crucial things to understand about dry shampoo. First, it isn’t shampoo at all. Sec...

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    Is Dry Shampoo Bad For You?

    Volcanic Hills in Reykjavik with steam blowing through the Earth

    Our scalp and hair needs attention as temperatures begin to drop. The winter months can wreak hav...

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    How To Protect and Treat Your Scalp and Hair in Winter

    Picture of Harklinikken Hair Conditioner globdule texture

    The humble ritual of conditioning your hair can become complicated when wading through fads, tren...

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    The Most Effective Method For Conditioning Your Hair

    Harklinikken test tube bottles tied up, with one full of liquid

    What are silicones? Are they bad for your hair? Find out why they are used in hair products, and ...

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    Are Silicones Bad For Your Hair?

    Close up image of a Harklinikken ingredient purple passionfruit flower extract help up by a metal clamp

    Passionflower contains a wide variety of phytochemicals that can make it an effective ingredient ...

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    The Benefits of Purple Passionflower Extract on Hair

    Close up image of silver and gold abstract illustration

    Are all sulfates bad for your hair? Read on to find out what sulfates are and why they are includ...

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    Are Sulphates Bad for Hair?

    White creased bed sheets with duvet and pillows

    Around half of menopausal individuals experience hair loss and texture changes, but it’s often tr...

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    Menopause and Hair Loss: The Basics

    Close up photo of frizzy honey blonde hair strands

    Often misunderstood and sometimes vexing, frizz is complicated. Due to damage and dryness but als...

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    Frizzy Hair: Causes and Management

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