The Benefits of Abyssianian Oil on Hair

Native to a region in East Africa once known as Abyssinia – what is current-day Ethiopia – Crambe Abyssinica is part of the cruciferous species. This plant features verdant green stalks and petite white flowers, but it’s the seeds that have the most value. The oil derived from the seeds has several uses, including for the face and hair. At Hårklinikken, we harness its natural benefits by refining and carefully blending it in two of our sophisticated, moisture-boosting hydration formulas.

What is abyssinian seed oil?

Abyssinian oil is derived from the Crambe abyssinica plant’s seeds which are harvested, cleaned, and dried to reduce moisture content. The oil is then filtered to remove any solids. Once refined, it’s a slightly yellow-tinted clear, viscous liquid with a very, very faint scent.

How does abyssinian seed oil benefit hair?

It has excellent nourishing and moisturising properties and despite its higher viscosity, it avoids feeling heavy or greasy. Packed with high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, abyssinian oil boasts many properties that can benefit hair. When carefully formulated with other ingredients, it can improve hair manageability while also smoothing strands and boosting shine.

How does abyssinian seed oil compare to avocado, sunflower or olive oils?

While those oils have their own benefits, abyssinian oil contains some of the highest levels of monosaturated omega-9 fatty acid, erucic acid in known vegetable oils. It also has a texture and make-up that’s comparable to the body’s natural sebum.

Why does Hårklinikken use this ingredient in its products?

We use a refined, high-quality abyssinian seed oil in our Hair Mask and Hair Hydrating Crème. When blended with other constituents in our unique formulas, this ingredient provides much-needed moisture to strands, leaving them more flexible and less prone to damage and split ends. Because this oil is lightweight and non-greasy, it’s especially ideal for our leave-in products. These lush products can also seal cuticles, in turn supporting moisture retention, and nourishing dry, damaged hair – all while enhancing natural shine.

Unsure where to start?

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