The Benefits of Bamboo Extract for Hair

We have spent over three decades between our labs and diagnostic clinics to become the world’s leading experts in scalp and hair health. Part of our research centres on finding and formulating ingredients into sophisticated products that are not only efficacious but also beneficial to your scalp and hair. Bamboo extract is one of those ingredients. Derived from bamboo stalks and leaves, this constituent contains various properties that can support the health of your strands in many ways.

What is bamboo?

Native to warm, tropical regions, bamboo is a group of perennial plants that make up the Bambusoideae family. One of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, some species can grow up to 100cm (around 40 inches) a day, with giant bamboo reaching up to 46 metres (around 150 feet) in height. While often associated with China and Japan for its cultural significance, there are certain types of bamboo that originate in Central and North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, Australia and beyond. An incredibly versatile plant, it’s used in countless ways from a sturdy but flexible building material to silky fabric, as a highly nutritious food source and more.

What is bamboo extract?

Bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) extract is harvested from bamboo stalks and leaves. The extraction process yields a pale yellow to light brown liquid with a faint green, woody scent. This extract is nourishing and hydrating, due to its unique mix of plant polymers, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins.

How does bamboo extract benefit hair?

Thanks to its combination of biopolymers and nourishing constituents, the bamboo extract in our formula can help boost hydration to dry hair without being too heavy and leaving hair feeling weighed down. Conditioning, nourishing
and rich in antioxidants, it's also well-known for being a great source of silica which can help smooth and strengthen strands. It can also work to support increased smoothness and shine.

How does Hårklinikken use bamboo extract?

We incorporate bamboo extract in our Styling Gel – in combination with other high-performance ingredients – to provide smoothness, shine and medium hold. Unlike many other gels on the market, our unique formula and process yields a styling product that not only provides hold but is also nourishing.

More about our Styling Gel

Powered by bamboo extract, honeysuckle extract and quinoa, our Styling Gel is designed to smooth frizz, add volume, and enhance shine. Apply this lightweight formula to clean, damp hair and blow-dry for extra volume or air-dry and enjoy defined waves, curls, coils and kinks. Either way, you will enjoy a medium hold and a high-shine finish.

Unsure where to start?

We only accept candidates who we believe we can help, which is why our online Hair Assessment is the best place to start. Based on your results, you will either qualify for immediate treatment or we will organize a consultation.