What Causes Thinning Hair Besides Aging?

You’re at your most confident when your hair is healthy and radiant, but sometimes, natural processes like hair thinning can interfere. People of all ages can experience hair thinning, but luckily, it’s often reversible. Younger people may experience vulnerabilities surrounding thinning hair or simply want to take proactive measures to maintain healthy hair in the future. By using the right products, you can restore hair health and volume at any stage of your hair journey. So, what causes thinning hair anyway?

Does age cause hair thinning?

Aging is certainly not the only cause of hair thinning. A variety of factors can lead to thinning, including hormonal shifts and changes, illness, or stress. It can happen at any age after puberty. Luckily, there are thinning hair solutions to treat and relieve symptoms and achieve the hair you feel proud to show off.

Let’s take a look at what causes thinning hair, a few common causes, and some great solutions. Before you know it, you could be ready to build a hair care routine that achieves thickness and health for years to come.

How hair thinning works

Hair thinning happens when your hair follicles shrink over time, otherwise known as miniaturisation or shrinkage of the follicles. Natural shrinkage happens when genes and hormones work together to attack follicles beneath the surface of the scalp. This causes each generation of your hair to be finer than the last. Eventually, often many years later, the follicle cannot shrink any further. It closes up completely, no longer producing hair. About 30 years of research have helped us to develop effective thinning hair solutions to reverse the process and bring depth, strength, and health back to each follicle.

What causes thinning hair?

The most common causes of hair thinning are male or female pattern loss. These can affect anyone of any age after puberty. In many cases, a significant life event may trigger or accelerate this process to occur in your body. Having a baby, going through an illness or a hormonal imbalance, or experiencing a stressful event can all activate the natural aging process of hair and for some, this happens as early as the beginning of their teens.Once you know what causes thinning hair you can take the right steps to treat it. Harklinikken can help with female and male pattern hair loss. Our science-based naturally derived products with constituents derived from plants, fruits, and cow’s milk revive hair health starting at the scalp. We formulate each ingredient to deepen your hair follicles and deliver nutrients to each strand, making a thicker, happier head of hair.

The Harklinikken solution

Harklinikken aims to reverse the process of natural follicle shrinkage or miniaturisation. The extracts we use in our thinning hair solutions help to prevent this attack with daily use. Most solutions on the market offer a “quick fix” to hair beauty by coating your hair in silicones, colored fibers, and other chemicals for an illusion of better hair. Instead, we get to the root of the issue to provide real restorative and lasting vitality by reversing hair thinning.Over time, the synergistic effect of the Extract combinations we use in our products begins to deepen your follicles back into the scalp. The result is thicker growth with every generation of hair. Using these thinning hair solutions will perhaps help you restore confidence and feel proud of your hair. You’ll also be delighted to use products without problematic ingredients that actively work to keep your hair healthy in the long term.

Unsure where to start?

We only accept candidates who we believe we can help, which is why our online Hair Assessment is the best place to start. Based on your results, you will either qualify for immediate treatment or we will organize a consultation.