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    Text by Maddy Sims, The Knot, August 31, 2021

    The Hair Products That Won Our 2021 Beauty Awards
    Whether you're rocking your natural texture or going for an elaborate updo, these are the best hair products and the best hair tools you can trust to give you the best hair day ever.

    No matter your wedding vision, getting gorgeous wedding hair (like those styles you've been eyeing on Pinterest and Instagram) requires love and devotion—as well as a little bit of help from the best hair products for your hair type. We all know that washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling often can cause a head full of split ends, dull strands and annoying "wispies" (those little broken pieces of hair that stick up from your hairline). Similar to sticking with a solid pre-wedding skin care routine in the months leading up to your day, investing in an arsenal of the best hair products for your hair type can help repair damage, revive dull color and enhance your natural hair texture, leaving you with more luscious-looking locks for your nuptials and all of the events surrounding it.


    Best Hair Growth Stimulator
    While no store-bought product will be able to produce results like those from a doctor's office, they can help. Our pick [Extract] for best hair growth stimulator is developed by Danish hair loss clinic Harklinikken and contains a blend of plant-based extracts and proteins, fatty acids, and cow milk-derived elements (yes, really) that's custom made for you to promote a healthier scalp and longer, stronger, shinier hair.

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