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With the addition of the new Bioeffect Daytime for dry skin to the line, women of all skin types may now enjoy the benefits of a Bioeffect Daytime moisturizer.

Our Daytime Rich for dry skin, brought to you by the scientists who pioneered the Bioeffect brand, contains the same EGF cellular activator as other Bioeffect products; the nourishing formula of the new Bioeffect Daytime for dry skin restores the moisture level of dry skin and renews its youthful glow.


Rich and luxurious in texture, the nourishing new cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and very well suited for use under foundation. It is suitable for people with dry skin who seek to maintain normal moisture levels throughout the day.

For noticeably smoother skin, use this moisturizer and you will see results within a few days.


Apply this formula after cleansing your face or showering in the morning. Bioeffect Daytime should be applied on the whole face and down the neck. Wait at least three minutes before applying make-up.


What our customers say..

Great products

Gloria Cohan

I’ve been using Harklinikken products for 8 months and can’t say enough good things about them. The results have been amazing. My hair has never looked better. If you have thinning hair, this is definitely a treatment you should try.

Thank you!

Andrea Sobel

I can’t believe this is working! I started about 5 months ago, and my long-time hairdresser started noticing new growth after 2-3 months (I didn’t tell him to see if he noticed.) He did!

Life-Changing Products!

Carol Staples

After searching for help for my hair loss for ten years and trying everything on the market, I had almost given up. Finally, I found Harklinikken and I got my hair back! I am so thankful for a product that finally works and keeps its promises.