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    From root to tip

    Hair growth takes place within the follicles and a healthy scalp equals beautiful hair. That’s why our approach has always been scalp first.

    By restoring the health of your scalp to create the ideal conditions for hair gain, Harklinikken’s Extract is created for use in tandem with our product line to protect your scalp from problematic ingredients and external irritants that diminish hair quality and growth and make existing hair strong and long.

    Our entire range of products is based on naturally derived, pure and safe ingredients.

    Exploring your hair's true potential

    Each Extract is carefully hand blended and customized to the individual. The customization is based on various factors such as your unique scalp-condition, your level of hair thinning, lifestyle factors, and even genetics are taken into consideration.

    This is why we need to see you at a consultation before we can start you on our Extract program, as we have to carefully assess your hair and scalp first. Thus, the consultation is our way to determine whether you will benefit from the Extract. If we deem you a good candidate for the Extract, we will hand-blend an Extract that is unique to your hair and scalp. We only accept people into our Extract program who we truly believe we can help.

    Frequently asked questions about our Extract

    How often should I use the Extract?

    The Extract is used twice per day with 30 minutes between each application

    Is the Extract all Natural?

    While our Extract is based on nature's finest raw materials, it does go through a chemical fermentation process that conserves the content and increases the potency of the natural components.

    Can I use this while pregnant?

    The extract is safe to use while pregnant and while nursing.

    Can I color my hair while I use the Extract?

    Yes! All of our products, including the extract, are safe to use while coloring and highlighting your hair.

    Are there any conditions where I should not use the Extract?

    If you have severe irritation or redness on your scalp or if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune scalp or hair disease like psoriasis, lichen planopilaris, alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, alopecia totalis, or telogen effluvium, or if you currently use other hair loss treatments and/or products, we advise you to contact us before placing an order.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 991 reviews
    Barbara Ponzo

    I have gone thru my first bottle of extract & am starting to see new hair growth! I am excited for the results in another month!

    still waiting

    shampoo and conditioner are good. Still waiting for results from extract.

    Dominique Brewer


    Kathrine G.

    Easy to use, just take commitment.

    vida MEHR
    Miracle serum for scalp

    I remember when I came to this clinic , crying , my beautiful hair was fallen 80% after I had severe covid . I had most amazing comfort there and they checked my scalp and I started these extracts . Charlotte was my amazing back bone of support . U need to be on it every day twice with washed hair . U need to take it serious to see changes . I am still using the extracts after 14 months .
    Nearly all the hair that was fallen came back thanks god , my life was stoped during those periods. I was at home all the time . But I had trust on this products , I knew it’s going to work . Thank u to everyone who made my journey with supports special thanks to Charlotte who’s support was unlimited .
    I will still use these extracts as it helps to grow hair too and has beautiful nutrition.
    I thank Harklinikken for my today happiness .

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