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    Our customized, hair-boosting Extract is carefully blended by hand in the
laboratory-inspired Mixing Room. Each ingredient is meticulously measured and
poured from handmade glass vessels and tailored to each individual to ensure it
delivers the best results. Throughout the entire clinic, our range of all-natural, efficacious products are displayed to full effect on handcrafted shelves.


    Designed to make you feel at ease from the minute you step through the door, the clinic is also where our skilled Hair Specialists are on hand to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. In our inviting consultation area, our experts will take a closer look at your hair and scalp and discuss your challenges before starting you on your tailormade journey to healthier, fuller hair.


    Address: Jumeirah Beach Road 347, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Phone: +971 4 38 555 70
    Whatsapp: +971 54 448 2131


    Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm

    Please be aware the clinic will be closed from April 8th till April 14th for Eid celebrations.

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    Middle East/Asia

    It's more than hair. It's you