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    Name: Diane Mary

    Age: 36

    Country of residence: USA

    About Diane Mary

    Diane Mary was looking for something natural to combat hair thinning when she came across Harklinikken. The thirty-six-year-old was shedding more than usual and noticed her hair density had dramatically decreased in recent years due to damage and genetic female pattern hair loss. “I felt very insecure and unhappy, and wanted to find something that would help me regrow hair and shed less,” she recounts. “I wanted healthy hair, shiny and soft, with minimal frizz and split ends.”

    What products is Diane Mary using?

    Starting on Harklinikken’s Extract, formulated from natural ingredients to boost hair growth from root to tip, she applied twice nightly at 30-minute intervals. “Consistency is the absolute key for results,” she notes. Armed with Harklinikken’s Balancing- and Fortifying Shampoo and Daily Conditioner that work in tandem with Extract, Diane Mary set to work on a new hair care routine that would strengthen her hair from within.

    “I wash my hair about three times a week and I won’t go more than two days between washing. My lengths are dry, so I don’t want to over-wash, but I know I need to for scalp health – especially when I work out and get sweaty, so it’s a fine balance.”

    Boosting moisture levels with Hair Mask and Hair Hydrating Créme and styling with Styling Gel and Styling Wax for the perfect hold and definition on no-wash days when her hair needs a little more, the results have so far both surprised and delighted her. Noticing the benefits of using the entire range together, she happily mixes products for maximum effect: “If I’m going somewhere fancy, I use Styling Spray to finish after styling. If I’m due for a trim or my hair is misbehaving, I’ll use Styling Paste on dry hair to temporarily bond the ends.”

    Diane Mary’s results

    Once distraught by the effects of thinning hair, today Diane Mary is feeling much more confident about her hair – and in herself. “My hair is one of the biggest parts of my identity so when it started thinning, it devastated me,” she says. “Now, my scalp is thriving and I’m seeing so much new growth. My hair has also become more manageable with more shine and softness and less frizz – and my curl definition has even returned after damage. I also noticed I can wait longer between trims, so that’s awesome.”

    What is Diane Mary’s advice to others who struggle with hair thinning?

    With Harklinikken now a firm favorite that delivers the results she was looking for, Diane Mary’s confidence has been restored. “The entire line is fantastic,” she says. “The custom-blended Extract helped my hair regrow when nothing else I tried did. It’s shown me that there is hope for hair regrowth with Harklinkken. If you’re consistent and follow the directions it will change your life."

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