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    Rima Zahran

    Rima Zahran is no stranger to making bold statements with her appearance. Growing up, she often dyed her hair bright shades of blue or green, but her drastic haircut two years ago felt less about playful self-expression and more about necessity.

    Rosemin Madhavji

    For Canadian-born, Dubai-based Rosemin Madhavji, hair has always been important – but never as much as when she began experiencing excessive shedding. So when a friend recommended Hårklinikken, she was ready for a new approach.

    Denis De Souza

    As a renowned Hair Colorist, Denis understands the link between a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. So, when he noticed that his hair was getting slightly thinner on top, he visited the Harklinikken clinic in LA and began his customized treatment.

    Jennifer Grey

    In early 2020, actress Jennifer Grey started to notice changes in her hair. Luckily, her hair colorist suggested that she book a consultation at Harklinikken. From early on in the treatment, she noticed positive changes, and it felt healthier than it had in years.

    Michael McGuirk

    Since starting on his Harklinikken regime, Michael has noticed many changes - not only to his hair, but also to his general well-being: “My scalp is so much healthier, with hardly any flakiness at all. And my hair? It’s completely thicker than it was before.”

    Diane Mary

    Diane was once distraught about her thinning hair. Today, she feels more positive and confident about her hair, and herself: “My scalp is thriving, and I have so much new growth. As my hair is a big part of my identity, I feel like myself again.”

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