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    Rima Zahran

    The more stressed Rima felt, the more it impacted her hair; and the more it impacted her hair, the more stressed she felt. She was stuck in a vicious circle, of which she could see no way out. Until a follower suggested she try a clinic, that delivered a treatment unlike anything she had experienced.

    Tony Robbins

    Tony began treatment after his hair started thinning, and he can’t believe how easy and effective his hair journey towards 40% more volume has been. Harklinikken has given him, and many of his clients, back their hair and their mojo.

    Michelle Salas

    After years in the modeling and fashion business, Michelle realized the damage she was doing to her hair and scalp. So she started prioritizing her hair health in her daily routine, just as she has always done with her skincare rituals and exercise.

    Anima Agyeman

    Anima’s busy life as a content creator and model led to an unhealthy scalp and slightly dry hair. She decided to prioritize her hair and scalp health for her own well-being and future career — “I’m grateful to have this much healthy hair after modeling for five years already.”

    Hind Beljafla

    Not knowing how to properly care for her hair and prevent thinning, her encounter with Harklinikken gave her the opportunity to learn about hair care and the simple steps she could take to improve the problems she faced. After just five months, she has already seen a huge difference in new hair growth and quality.

    Jennifer Grey

    For her entire acting career, Jennifer had incredible hair. She thought it would always be healthy, until she started noticing changes a few years ago. Luckily she acted early, and now she’s returned her hair and scalp to full health with visible results.

    Ragga Ragnars

    After many years of swimming professionally, Ragga wanted to revive her tired and damaged hair. Her daily Harklinikken routine has given her hair new life — "I’ve never had such a good habit of taking care of my hair as I do now. I love it."

    Michael McGuirk

    Since starting on his Harklinikken regime, Michael has noticed many changes - not only to his hair, but also to his general well-being: “My scalp is so much healthier, with hardly any flakiness at all. And my hair? It’s completely thicker than it was before.”

    Denis De Souza

    As a renowned Hair Colorist, Denis understands the link between a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. So, when he noticed that his hair was getting slightly thinner on top, he visited the Harklinikken clinic in LA and began his customized treatment.

    Diane Mary

    Diane was once distraught about her thinning hair. Today, she feels more positive and confident about her hair, and herself: “My scalp is thriving, and I have so much new growth. As my hair is a big part of my identity, I feel like myself again.”

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