Helena Christensen trusts Hårklinikken

The Supermodel Seal of Approval

Celebrating more than three decades as the pioneers in scalp and hair health, Hårklinikken has tapped long-time client, Helena Christensen for our first-ever brand campaign.

The Danish supermodel believes in the power of Hårklinikken’s customisable scalp-safe and follicle-friendly products, free of ingredients known to disrupt the scalp’s delicate microbiome. It's what has helped Helena achieve her healthiest hair yet.

“I distinctly remember wanting to create the most effective, clean, safe, and hair-enhancing product regimen, powered by botanicals and science,” explains founder Lars Skjøth. “It is the reason I started Hårklinikken in 1992."

When it comes to her personalised Hårklinikken routine, Helena likes to “think of it like skincare.”

“When you take great care of the health of your skin, a luminosity and strength shines through from within – it’s the same for the health of your hair and scalp. When your hair is strong, hydrated and truly healthy, you feel better and more confident.”

“Hair is such an important part of who you are,” she continues. “I play around with different hairstyles all the time and my hair very much reflects my personality and mood. We generally only think about how our hair looks, without realising that the health of your hair is what will actually make it look and feel its best.” 

Captured on the shores of Malibu’s El Matador State Beach, this campaign seeks to distil a deep mutual respect for nature and bring to life the Hårklinikken ethos through the lens of Scandinavian photographer Pauline Suzor. 

“I have a great admiration for Helena,” shares founder, Lars Skjøth. “I am inspired by her adventurous attitude and appreciation of the natural world. She very much embodies the Hårklinikken client – someone who believes beauty comes from being your healthiest, strongest and most authentic self.”

Illuminated by the blazing Californian sun on a sandy coastline punctuated by rocky outcrops, rugged cliffs, and vivid green succulents, Helena exemplifies the vitality, spirit and strength that Hårklinikken holds in such high regard.

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