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    About Hind

    Full-time mum and social media influencer Hind Beljafla heard about Harklinikken through her friends, who have gained positive results using the product range, and was understandably excited when we approached her to hear if she would like to try it for herself.

    Hind’s results:

    “I’ve had three kids in the past five years, and with the hormone changes that came with pregnancy, I felt that I was losing my hair,” Hind says. “I wanted something that would help strengthen it.” Not knowing how to properly care for her hair and prevent thinning, her encounter with Harklinikken gave her the opportunity to learn about hair care and the simple steps she could take to improve the problems she faced. Wanting to achieve healthy, lustrous hair, she had a consultation with one of Harklinikken’s Hair Specialists and soon after started using products tailored to her particular hair needs. After just five months, she has already seen a huge difference in new hair growth and quality.

    What products is Hind using?

    Once a hair novice, Hind has discovered how best to look after her locks, recognising the importance of a dedicated daily hair care routine: “I have learnt more about my hair and how to manage it in the climate I live in. The secret is staying away from heat and moisturising it as often as possible,” she notes. Healthy hair gives Hind confidence, and Harklinikken’s products have restored her faith in her herself as well as her hair.

    “I apply the Hair Gain Extract to my scalp every night, massage it in and leave it to work. I wash my hair every second day; my favourite part is moisturising it with Harklinikken products in between,” she comments on her new regimen. “My favourite product is the Hair Gain Extract because it has given me fantastic results. Second would be Hair Mask. I have thick, dry hair and the mask helps keep it manageable and extra moisturised.”

    What is Hind’s advice to others who struggle with hair thinning?

    To others struggling with hair and scalp issues, Hind says, “My advice is to check with your doctor to see if you have any deficiencies. Stay clear of chemical hair products and replace them with clean, natural products instead.”

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