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    A remarkable life story

    Jennifer Grey is an American actor best known for her roles in the iconic 80’s film Dirty Dancing and teen comedy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, won ‘Dancing with the stars’ and has been featured in a variety of TV shows over the years. In early 2022, she published her captivating, New York Times bestselling memoir, ‘Out of the Corner,’ which she describes as “the process of owning my entire life story.” Jennifer has indeed led a remarkable and interesting life.

    Jennifer Grey’s hair restoration journey

    Jennifer’s hair story is also remarkable. She always had a healthy head of hair – “My whole life I’ve always had a lot of curly hair, with a lot of volume. I knew it was one of my defining features, something that people noticed and I always had felt confident about. I assumed I’d have the same great head of hair forever, it never occurred to me that it might someday change with age.”

    Surprising, subtle changes

    In early 2020, Jennifer started noticing some subtle changes in her hair. Until that point she’d not really thought about it much. She’d always had quite fine hair, but a lot of it. She tried to convince herself that it was “no big deal,” but was surprised as she knew her hair just wasn’t the same. Even though she had a healthy and balanced lifestyle, her hair started to feel and look less full, it lacked its usual vibrancy and volume, and she couldn’t seem to grow it past a certain point as she had when she was younger.

    Can women talk about hair thinning?

    She was unsure what to do about these new concerns about her hair’s lackluster state and was struck by the fact that she’d never really heard women talking about hair thinning or hair loss. It felt like a topic reserved for men, because there was no deficit of products and solutions for men’s hair loss. As a woman, the subject felt strangely taboo. Jennifer wanted to be pro-active and figure out what she could do, if anything, to prevent these subtle changes from getting worse. She wanted to get back to having her usual healthy hair but was unsure who to talk to about it or what she could do.

    Jennifer's story

    The Results

    Treat your scalp right and the results will follow.

    Luckily, her hair colorist suggested she book a consultation with an expert Hair Specialist at Harklinikken. In her consultation she learned that she had early signs of AGA or Andro Genetic Alopecia, a relatively common scalp condition that causes hair follicles to shrink and produce fewer and thinner hairs with a shorter growth cycle. AGA can affect anyone due to a variety of factors, but is prevalent amongst menopausal and post-menopausal women due to hormonal changes.

    Jennifer’s Hair Specialist recommended a customized treatment regimen with Harklinikken’s award-winning Hair Gain Extract and supporting products. From pretty early on she noticed subtle, positive and exciting changes. Her hair volume increased and the quality of her hair improved. She realized the importance of caring for her hair and her scalp — "I’d never really thought about the health of my scalp much! I now know it’s the key to having great hair.” Jennifer wasn’t expecting to see such a difference so quickly, and she couldn’t wait to see her ‘Before and now’ photos at the 4-month mark. She was so thrilled with the results, she kept her before and after pics and couldn’t wait to share them with her friends.

    Stick to the program, it’s worth it.

    Jennifer knows the importance of taking her hair care regimen seriously and finds it easy to do, especially considering the benefits — “I use any and all of Harklinikken’s shampoos in rotation. Then the conditioner … and the Leave-in Hair Hydrating Crème for extra moisture. Of course, I also religiously apply the Extract first when I start my evening routine then the second application right before I go to bed. You just need to get used to it and then it becomes part of your daily routine. I’ve barely skipped a day!”

    Jennifer's story

    No more hair worries

    Today, Jennifer is confident she has the support she needs to take care of her hair and scalp the right way, and knows she doesn’t have to worry about losing her hair anymore. It’s just a boost to be able to take an action that really delivers results you, and everyone, can see.

    Focus on what matters most

    Jennifer believes that aging is one of life’s greatest privileges, and sees it as an ongoing exercise in self-love, acceptance and an opportunity to go deeper. And while she appreciates any non-invasive and healthy ways to improve her appearance, she is mindful not to make it her main focus. She feels that “the more I focus on appearance, the less happy I am. The more I focus on gratitude for the important things that actually make me happy, the better I feel and the more freedom I experience.”

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