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    Here’s how to use your customized Extract

    Applying your Extract is a simple, effective and quick treatment, which works best when integrated into your usual, daily self-care routine. Just like brushing your teeth or cleansing your face.

    The Extract must be applied to your scalp twice daily, 30 minutes apart. The Extract can be applied at any time of day, as long as your scalp is completely dry (a minimum of two hours after it gets wet or damp). For best results, allow the Extract to work for a minimum of 6-8 hours, preferably longer.

    Should I use the Extract every day?

    Yes. The more consistent you are, the more improvement in hair quality and scalp health you will see over time. Should you choose to stop using your customized Extract, then you will no longer experience its benefits, and your hair and scalp condition will gradually regress to the state they were in prior to using the Extract.

    Be inspired by other client’s wonderful results

    We have so many success stories from our clients around the world with impressive before and now photos — these help us to document their journey towards fuller, thicker, healthier hair. See more of what you can look forward to.

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