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    Acting, music and fashion

    Michelle Salas comes from an illustrious family famous for singing and acting. She, however, chose to forge her own path and studied fashion design at Parsons in New York City. She has achieved global success as an international model, walking the runway for Dolce and Gabbana, and doing campaigns for Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors. She’s also an inspirational beauty influencer with millions of followers on Instagram where she shares her love of fashion, gourmet food, photography, travel and music.

    A love hate relationship

    Michelle describes her life in the fashion industry as a “love hate relationship”. She says she obviously loves the glamour and a professional blow dry or a nice up-do when working or attending a red-carpet event, but notes that being a model can have many adverse effects on your hair health. “Over the years I noticed that my hair was starting to feel dryer and more sensitive because of all the hot tools and chemicals — my modeling work was damaging to my hair. The harsh chemical products used to dye my hair and the hair sprays used for styling create a constant struggle for my hair and scalp. I realized that if I want my best hair for my whole life, I need to take better care of it as soon as possible.”

    Michelle’s hair restoration journey

    Michelle discovered Harklinikken through a close friend, who she knew had struggled with hair loss and thinning hair for years. She saw her one day and realized her hair had changed — it looked much healthier and was longer and more beautiful. Michelle was quick to ask her what she was doing. She said that after trying everything from pills to hormones without success, she’d started using the Harklinikken Hair Gain Extract about a year earlier. She added that Harklinikken was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her! Michelle was convinced, and started her own hair journey with Harklinikken soon after in 2021. She’d never suffered from hair loss, but her hair was getting pretty thin, dry and damaged after dying it repeatedly. She realized it was breaking and that her ends were very dry. She decided to start prioritizing her hair and scalp health to keep her hair as youthful and vibrant as possible for as long as possible.

    Fuller, denser, shinier hair

    Michelle had her initial consultation with an expert Hair Specialist and returned for her follow-up after three months of using the full treatment regimen. She noticed that her hair was definitely fuller and that she had many new, baby hairs. Overall, her hair was also more dense and shiny. “Harklinikken’s products and formulations are designed specifically for my needs to improve my overall hair quality. They feel really gentle, but are super effective and I love that they don’t have any harsh chemicals or fragrances that could harm the health of my scalp and hair.

    Michelle’s treatment regimen

    Michelle uses the Balancing Shampoo every day as it cleanses her hair very gently, followed by the Daily Conditioner. “Then I apply a tiny pea-size amount of the Leave-in Hydrating Crème. I try to leave my hair to air dry naturally when I can. And, when I do blow dry or style my hair with heat, I use the Leave-in Hydrating Crème to protect it from damage. I really like the hydrating Hair Mask which I use once a week to give my hair a good moisture boost, and the Hair Gain Extract that I apply every night on dry hair. Then I gently brush my hair and make a loose bun with a soft, silk scrunchie”. Michelle also recently discovered the Harklinikken Styling Spray that holds and repairs your hair at the same time and finds it “Super nice too”.

    Hair care is like skin care

    “I am a skincare enthusiast, so for me it was the easiest thing to follow a new treatment regimen for my hair and scalp. I apply the Hair Gain Extract to my scalp religiously every night in the same way I apply my face creams. It has quickly become a normal part of my beauty routine. I also take supplements daily as part of my regular ritual and enjoy green juices, tea and water with chlorophyll. In addition, I exercise and ensure I get good sleep … when I can. I feel good knowing I am doing all I can for my skin, hair and body to look and feel youthful and healthy.”

    Stay true to you

    Being a professional model can negatively affect your self-esteem. Michelle says: “I have my days. Sometimes you don’t feel at your best, sometimes you do. However, I think the most important thing is to stay true to yourself, try not to compare yourself with anybody else because this is what makes you unique. Trust yourself and what you're capable of … real beauty comes out from how you feel on the inside. Love and take care of your own energy no matter what.”

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