Mira Chai Hyde

LA-based Mira Chai Hyde is a celebrated hair stylist with a career spanning over three decades and a dedicated A-list clientele to match. Known as ‘the godmother of men’s grooming’, she spends her days perfecting the looks of Hollywood’s leading men. Regulars in her chair include Pedro Pascal, Steven Yeun, Austin Butler and Harrison Ford.

Despite cutting, shaping and styling hair for a living, Hyde didn’t see the gradual changes in her own hair until they were noticeable. “I was thinning at the temples, and I didn’t realise how bad it was until I saw photographs of myself with my hair pulled back – this had been going on for a few years after menopause.” One of the leading contributors to hair loss and thinning in women, menopause causes hormone fluctuations (including decreased oestrogen and progesterone, and increased FSH levels) that can lead to hair follicles shrinking in size – and eventual hair loss.

When hair vitamins made no difference to the condition of her scalp and strands, Hyde took the advice of a friend and booked a Hårklinikken visit. Consulting with one of our expert Hair Specialists didn’t just provide Hyde with the personalised advice, Extract formula and regimen she needed to achieve the results she wanted, it also taught her that optimal scalp health is the key to achieving healthy hair growth. “I didn’t understand how washing the scalp often was essential to maintaining healthy hair follicles. I also didn’t realise there was more than one hair strand coming out of each follicle, and how through miniaturisation the hairs decrease through numbers.”

Hyde’s progress was noticeable months into following The Hårklinikken Method. “Within the first four months of use, my temples started filling in.” Now a Hårklinikken client for several years, she says: “My hair is healthier, thicker and more abundant. My scalp is not itchy anymore, and there is no dryness.”

The Hair Gain Extract

Our innovative Hair Gain Extract is individually formulated for stronger, fuller, healthier hair growth you can see and feel.

Achieving continued results with consistent use of our plant-powered formula has led Hyde to recommend Hårklinikken to many of the famous names in her circle. “I realised that my clients’ thinning problems were fixable without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.”

The progress she sees in her clients is undeniable. “I notice hair growth after they follow The Hårklinikken Method faithfully. I have seen amazing results; I am actually cutting hair now where there was none before. This creates different hair styling possibilities for my clients.”

We’re Mira’s Chai Hyde’s choice because as she says, “It's just amazing to find a product that I really believe in, and I use myself. I stake my reputation on Hårklinikken.”

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