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    • Dr. Panos Vasiloudes

      Dr. Panos Vasiloudes

      “Over the years in my practice, I’ve experienced that hair loss can be a devastating problem to my patients, and I was in search of a solution. Therefore, when a former colleague introduced me to the Harklinikken brand lo...
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    • Dr. George Zontos

      Dr. George Zontos

      “I have worked in close cooperation with Lars Skjoth, the founder of Harklinikken, for the last 9 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of the unique hair regrowth treatment offered at ...
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    • Dr. Matthew Zook

      Dr. Matthew Zook

      “I have personally seen the excellent results and satisfaction with hair regrowth from patients using Harklinikken. Accordingly, I have referred my patients with great success to Harklinikken and endorse Harklinikken prod...
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    • Dr. Michala Gammeltoft

      Dr. Michala Gammeltoft

      “I have served as a dermatologist in Denmark for 28 years. For the past 15 years I have referred my patients with hair loss issues to Harklinikken. My patients have experienced excellent results from the Harklinikken pr...
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