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Connect with a Hårklinikken Hair Specialist virtually to receive an expert scalp and hair assessment from anywhere in the world.​

Experts in scalp and hair health since 1992, our consultation-based approach allows us to personalise the ideal regimen to restore your scalp health, rehydrate the lengths of your hair, and customise a Hair Gain Extract specific to your needs.​

We use the 30-minute consultation to gather information about your lifestyle, current scalp and hair habits, and desired results. We’ll also take baseline photos of your scalp and hair to track your progress.​


1. Assess

Our Specialists assess your scalp and hair health to create a treatment plan specific to your biology, lifestyle and environment, then take baseline photos to measure your progress.

2. Treat

We use the information gathered to customise your ideal Extract formula and personalise a regimen of cleansing and hydrating products to boost the effects of the treatment.

3. Optimise

Follow-up sessions allow us to closely monitor your progress and track any lifestyle changes, adjusting your Extract and treatment plan to ensure they evolve with your needs.

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