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    Hair Styling

    Nourish and protect your hair with our natural hair styling products

    Harklinikken’s hair styling collection is suitable for all hair types and ensures your hair is always perfectly styled, healthy and vibrant. While most hair styling products damage your hair or weigh it down, our products are formulated to actually improve the condition of your hair and scalp while you style, giving you the best results and improved hair health.  

     Our hair styling collection includes: 

    Styling Gel  
    Styling Paste 
    Styling Spray
    Styling Wax 

    Our Styling Gel adds shine, volume and texture

    Harklinikken’s natural Styling Gel is ideal for taming frizz, creating volume and giving your hair a smooth, healthy texture. It also strengthens your hair over time with powerful and restorative ingredients such as passion fruit flower extract, honeysuckle and bamboo. This gentle, yet effective, formula adds volume by defining your hair strands. Simply apply the Styling Gel to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush for optimal volume, or let your hair dry on its own to tame flyaway or frizzy hair and create a beautiful shine. 

    Our Styling Paste holds, hydrates and protects

    Harklinikken's hydrating Styling Paste gives you a firm, flexible hold with a matte finish. It is ideal for taming frizzy, flyaway hair and its light, non-greasy formulation makes it easy to apply. The Styling Paste’s powerful, natural ingredients such as Abyssinian seed oil, clove leaf oil, aloe vera and nutmeg will not only hold your hair, but also hydrate, protect and repair it. The health of your hair and scalp will improve with each use. 

    Our Styling Wax lets your curls shine

    Harklinikken’s nourishing Styling Wax is formulated to hydrate and protect your hair while also giving a soft hold and healthy shine. It can be used on damp or dry hair to define and enhance natural waves or curls. Or, it can create a more stylized, slicked-back look if desired. The Styling Wax’s smooth, natural formula made from extracts of rosemary and sage, is also a nourishing treatment that revitalizes and improves your hair and scalp health with every application.  

    Explore the full collection of Harklinikken hair and scalp products

    In addition to our natural hair styling products, we also offer cleansing and restorative hair shampoos, effective hydrating conditioners and our exclusive, customized Harklinikken Extract for improved hair growth.  

    Harklinikken's cleansing shampoos will gently, yet effectively, clean, strengthen, and nurture your hair and scalp. Our shampoo collection includes our Balancing and Stabilizing daily cleansers and our Fortifying add-on shampoo. These natural shampoos are each created to target specific hair and scalp issues to ensure your specific hair care needs are met. They also work in synergy to optimize your hair growth. All our shampoos are specifically formulated to support our customized Extract and bring out the full potential of your hair and scalp.  

    Harklinikken's hydrating conditioners nourish your scalp and penetrate deep into each strand of hair to moisturize and protect without weighing your hair down. All our conditioners use our intense hydration technology and wonderful, natural ingredients to restore lifeless, dry, and damaged hair. Our hydration collection includes our Daily Conditioner, Hair Hydrating Crème, moisture-boosting Hair Mask

    All Harklinikken products are scientifically-formulated, time-tested and created with effective, natural ingredients to bring out the best in you and your hair.  

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