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    Hair Hydration

    Our natural conditioners give your hair optimal hydration

    Choose a natural conditioner from Harklinikken and enjoy stronger, smoother, healthier hair. Our collection of hydration products nourish your scalp and penetrate deep into each strand of hair to moisturize and protect without weighing your hair down. All our conditioners use our intense hydration technology and wonderful, natural ingredients to restore lifeless, dry, and damaged hair.  

    Our hair hydration collection includes: 

    Daily Conditioner 

    Hair Hydrating Crème

    Hair Mask  

    Our Daily Conditioner restores damaged hair

    Our Daily Conditioner has a lightweight formula that hydrates, nourishes and restores damaged or dry hair. This natural hair conditioner improves the softness and elasticity of your hair, leading to less breakage. It contains natural ingredients like avocado oil and aloe vera leaf extract to help keep your hair moisturised and shiny. The formula does not weigh your locks down or leave harmful residue, so your hair feels flowing, healthy and manageable.  

    Our leave-in Hair Hydrating Crème hydrates and protects

    The Harklinikken Hair Hydrating Crème is an advanced, multi-purpose treatment that not only deeply hydrates your hair throughout the day, but can also be left in to function as a heat protectant, cream rinse, or as a finishing styling product in damp or dry hair. The formulation is light and non-greasy, so you can easily apply it several times a day for shine and smoothness. If you apply the Hair Hydrating Créme before styling your hair with heating tools used at high temperatures, it will effectively protect your hair from breakage and damage.  

    The Hair Hydrating Créme has been ceated using our exclusive hydration technology. This advanced formulation ensures that all of the créme’s powerful, natural ingredients are infused deep into your hair strands. Natural ingredients like abyssinian seed oil, organic argan oil, and sunflower seed oil deeply moisturize your hair, leaving it fuller and thicker with increased elasticity and strength. 

    Our natural Hair Mask gives your hair a moisture boost

    Harklinikken’s Hair Mask will restore your hair’s elasticity, softness and shine. Powerful, natural ingredients such as Abyssinian seed oil, quinoa, olive oil, and jojoba work together to seal in moisture and minimise damage and breakage.  

    And, thanks to Harkliniken’s hydration technology, each strand is moisturized from deep within to support better hair growth.  

    The Hair Mask can be applied as a leave-in conditioner before going to sleep. Or, you can apply it to damp hair after cleansing – just remember to leave it in for at least thirty minutes. For best results, leave the Hair Mask in overnight. 

    Begin your hair journey with Harklinikken

    At Harklinikken, we understand that your journey towards optimal hair and scalp health is about more than hair. It is about you. Your confidence, self-worth and well-being. This is why we are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Our expert Hair Specialists will continuously evaluate your hair’s progress and needs, and make adjustments and recommendations as your hair growth improves. We look forward to guiding you on your journey towards optimal hair and scalp health.  

    Begin your journey today. It’s more than hair. It’s you. 

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    It's more than hair. It's you