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    The King of Color

    Denis De Souza is a Brazilian celebrity colorist with his own West Hollywood salon, Mare Salon, which he opened with Mara Roszak and Alex Polillo. He’s been called a “hair visionary” and “the King of Color”, and his innovative work has been seen on the Red Carpet and featured in countless beauty magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Allure. He was also recently listed as one of the top five colorists in the U.S. by Vogue magazine.

    Denis is not afraid to be creative with his client’s hair and believes in beautiful, natural looks that require minimal maintenance — he wants to “create looks that are natural and feel great”. He has colored the famous locks of stars like Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Zoé Saldana, Rashida Jones and Nicole Richie. He is also very aware of maintaining or improving the health of his client’s hair and is quick to share advice and techniques. “It’s all about enhancing what you already have, not changing something too drastically".

    Denis De Souza’s hair restoration journey

    A trend setter
    Denis believes that trends are not to be followed, but to be set. And he’s done his fair share of international trendsetting. Like his creation of the sultry “sombre” — a look inspired by the natural beauty of “sun-kissed strands” found in women’s hair from their days spent on the beach. Denis describes the “sombre” as exotic and effortless with beautiful dark and light tones connecting naturally.

    About two years ago, Denis started noticing that his hair and scalp were a bit on the oily side and that his hair was getting slightly thinner on top — “My hair thinning wasn’t very noticeable and it never really bothered me that much, but I work with hair for a living, so I’d like mine to be in good shape now and going forward.” Then, his partner, David Pirrotta, introduced him to Harklinikken. David set up a visit to the Harklinikken clinic in New York and Denis was very impressed. “I thought that it was so beautiful and unique, and I became curious to learn more about the treatment and products. Everything was so carefully explained and presented, and it all sounded so promising that I couldn’t wait to start my treatment. I decided to give it a shot.”

    After about four to six months Denis began to see positive results. His hair was thicker and the volume increased. The most visible difference was when he looked in the mirror —“I literally have five or ten times more hair than I had before … without surgery. His new hair growth also made his head of hair more even. “Before starting my regimen, I felt that my hair was a bit thinner in one side. Now, I can actually part my hair to both sides which is fantastic as it gives me more options”.

    Denis’ Harklinikken regimen

    Denis makes sure to shampoo and condition every day and loves the nourishing Styling Paste as it sets his hair without weighing it down. He has found it super easy to commit to his new hair care regimen. He just adds Harklinikken’s program to his existing list of daily rituals and applies the customized Hair Gain Extract onto his scalp every night before going to bed. He is on his 26th bottle of Hair Gain Extract and still going strong.

    Your scalp is the “soil” for growth

    As a professional hair colorist and salon owner, Denis understands the link between a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. He says: “Hair is everything. To have beautiful hair, you have to have a healthy scalp. It is the ‘soil’ from which stronger and shinier hair can grow”. He is also not shy to share his story and recommend Harklinikken’s customized regimen to his glamorous clients. Just like him, those that have tried it are very excited about their positive results. Denis sees a big difference in his client’s hair — “the results I see are incredible. My client’s hair looks a lot healthier in just a couple of months”.

    Hair means confidence
    From his own experience and that of his clients, Denis says that “Everybody feels more confident when they have a good hair day. Hair can also reflect your personality, mood or state of mind". He shares a story of one of his salon clients who broke up with a partner and suddenly wanted to go much darker than their usual natural color. The perfect example of how hair can express emotion and personality perfectly.

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