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    More volume. Extra body. Fuller strands. These are just a few of the advertised ‘fixes’ that were sold to Rima, when she tried to regain her thick hair. She spent as much time and money as she could to make her hair look ‘better’ or thicker, only for it to have the opposite effect. Her scalp felt endlessly irritated, her hair began falling out, and she grew even more helpless at the sight of it. “I was beyond stressed. I didn't want to even brush my hair or look in the shower. I really felt like I was balding."

    "The best thing I ever did for my hair was to educate myself on the importance of scalp health.”

    Despite her struggles, Rima decided to talk about it. She told her followers what she was going through, sharing how difficult and overwhelming it felt, and so many people reached out - including one who would help her find a solution. “I received a DM that said ‘Please give Harklinikken a try and stick to it. I have similar hair to yours - a lot of it but very fine and soft - and I just never imagined I could ever have thick hair in my life. But after 3 years I actually have thick hair”. She felt the similarities in their story and decided to try it, hoping this would be the treatment that brought change. ​

    Within a week, she could feel a change in the quality of her hair. It felt softer. Fuller. Stronger. Within two months, her scalp no longer felt irritated and the texture, shine and density of her strands were completely different. 

    Here's to actually achieving thicker hair.

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