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    Back of a blonde womans head with hair tied up in a white claw clip

    One in three women will endure hair loss or reduced hair volume at some point in their life. Read...

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    Seven Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

    Harklinikken Customizable Extract Bottle in Glass Container

    Hair loss is more common in individuals who have higher levels of testosterone and dihydrotestost...

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    Seven Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

    Benefits of Shea Butter on Hair

    Shea butter gets its name from sǐ, which is “shea tree” in Bambara. It is a natural treasure for ...

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    Benefits of Shea Butter on Hair

    Women with short black hair smiling and looking away from camera whilst leaning back

    Different hair types require different care, so knowing your hair type is integral to treating it...

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    Hair Types 101

    Models with long blonde and brunette hair tied together whilst facing away from eachother

    What is the connection between hair loss and exercise? Find out more about the truths and myths.

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    Does Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

    Harklinikken Hydrating Hair Mask within Nature resting on a rocky surface

    In theory, hair masks are deep conditioning treatments designed to nourish, repair, and strengthe...

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    How To: Hair Masks

    Photo of the inside of an avocado cut into half frozen in ice melting on table surface

    Due to its emollient properties and similarity to sebum, avocado oil, when used in the right comb...

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    The Benefits of Avocado Oil for Scalp and Hair

    Photo of the back of a models head and neck with short blonde hair and sliver hoop earrings

    Having a itchy and flaky scalp can be infuriating and embarrassing, but it’s also difficult to kn...

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    Dandruff or Dry Scalp: How to Tell The Difference

    Hårklinikken founder Lars Skjøth reaching for Hair Gain Extract in glass mixing bottle on shelf

    Hårklinikken founder Lars Skjøth has six simple DOs and DON’Ts to help make 2024 the year you ele...

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    New Year Scalp and Hair Care Resolutions From Lars Skjøth

    A photo of an aloe vera plant with aloe vera gel painted on a metal surface

    Parabens have been the centre of controversy and discussion over the past few decades, as various...

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    Are Parabens Bad For You?

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