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    A good hair day. We’ve all had them. When your hair looks pretty perfect. Just thinking about it probably makes you smile. But a good hair day is also about more than just the way you look; it’s about the way you feel. Confident. Empowered. Sexy, even. Hair does that to us. It changes our mood. And our perception of ourselves. When our hair looks good, we feel good. Studies even show that when we feel our hair looks good, we perform better, are less stressed and feel more in control. In short, a good hair day is a good health day.

    We want to give you the feeling of a good hair day all day, every day. That’s why our products aren’t just made to cleanse and hydrate your hair, balance your scalp, or help regrowth. They’re made to bring out the best in you and your hair. By practicing a few simple hair habits, you can treat yourself to a healthy head – in more ways than one. 

    Cleanse your hair and scalp regularly, ideally every day. A mild, effective shampoo such as our Balancing Shampoo is formulated to nurture your scalp, restoring its natural state to provide the best conditions for hair growth. 

    Shampoo on top of shampoo? It sounds a little unconventional, but our add-on care is formulated to restore damaged hair and an irritated scalp with extra nourishment while you cleanse, bringing locks back to life. As you’re already using shampoo, it’s quick and easy to put a little extra effort into your hair cleansing regimen with our targeted add-on Fortifying Shampoo

    Styling products play a major role in the health and quality of your hair. Some coat the hair, leaving it heavy and blocking hair follicles. By selecting products made without silicone or other potentially damaging ingredients, you’re doing your hair – and the planet – a favor.

    Hairs to better hair days and a better you!

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