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    What Jose Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment…

    I got lucky that somebody suggested to me to come to the clinic. Without too high of expectations, I started using the product, and the results have been incredible. I was losing hair…and now I have recovered. It started maybe in the first couple of months; it was amazing in that sense. It was really fast, it was really simple. And obviously it made me realize that losing your hair is not part of getting old. I always had good hair, but I started noticing that it was going – more and more hair in the shower, going away. And I thought it was part of the natural process; I am so glad I was wrong. During just a couple of months, between the first two months and the third one, everything started to change. It takes a tiny little bit of discipline; I use [the product] every night as part of my routine now before going to sleep, and it works – it really works. Right now as you can see, I have hair all over the place, so I am very happy about that.

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