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    Tony’s hair restoration journey

    “One decision can change everything.”

    When Tony Robbins, the world’s number one life and business strategist, was researching the Beauty chapter of his new book, Life Force, he was inspired by the stories of people who had been struggling with hair loss.

    After initially discovering a hair-gain industry centered around invasive, painful treatments that included surgery and harmful chemicals, he began looking into Harklinikken’s clinics and products.

    He was moved by meeting Harklinikken clients and seeing how happy they are to walk into a room having regained both hair and confidence. Then, after noticing his own hair thinning, he began his personal hair journey with Harklinikken and was amazed at how easy hair restoration can be. He describes how he and his clients, including peak-performing athletes, celebrities and even royalty, have regained not just their hair, but their mojo, with Harklinikken.

    “Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to find safe, effective, and affordable ways to reverse hair loss”, writes Tony in his New York Times bestseller.

    “Harklinikken uses natural, tailor-made treatments specifically for your situation. No surgery. No side-effects. That’s what really makes them different.”


    The results

    “Hair isn't superficial. I've been on my own hair gain journey and you gain life quality as you gain hair”.

    Just a few years ago, Tony’s hair was beginning to thin. But today, after following a personalized Harklinikken regimen and correctly using the Extract, Tony’s hair is fully restored.

    Harklinikken’s 100% customized approach is impressive, clean, and safe. The treatment is constantly adjusted throughout the process based on your progress, which is measured at every consultation. For most people, the initial results are visible in weeks.

    The Hair Specialists are there for you every step of the way, with follow-up appointments and check-ins whenever you require them.

    What happened next exceeded Tony’s expectations:

    “Now, instead of losing hair as I age, I’m regaining it! The results are amazing. I apply the Extract as advised and use the supportive hair care products when I shower. I now have 40% more volume of hair, and it’s thicker than ever.”

    By sharing his clients’ and his own hair story in his New York Times bestseller and through his Live events with Harklinikken founder Lars Skjoth, Tony offers hope to his readers and followers everywhere.

    You can unleash growth too

    We’d love to help you start your own journey towards fuller, thicker, more vibrant hair with a personalized regimen created to optimize the health of your hair and scalp.

    Find out if we can help you achieve volume, thickness, and hair gain.

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